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The Emek HaYarden Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית עמק הירדן‎, Mo'atza Azorit Emek HaYarden, lit. Jordan Valley Regional Council), is a regional council in the Jordan River Valley between the Sea of Galilee in the north and Beit She'an in the south. It was the first regional council in Israel, formed in 1949.

Most of the settlements are located on Route 90 a north-south road which traverses the council's territory parallel to the Jordan River. The offices of the council are located between Degania Alef and the Tzemah Industrial Zone.

List of villages

This regional council provides various municipal services for the villages within its territory:



Other villages

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Coordinates: 32°42′20.78″N 35°35′0.89″E / 32.7057722°N 35.5835806°E / 32.7057722; 35.5835806cs:Oblastní rada Emek ha-Jardenyi:עמק הירדן

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