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Eliad, Golan Heights

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Founded 1968
Founded by Nahal
Council Golan
Region Golan Heights
Affiliation Moshavim Movement

Eliad (Hebrew: אליעד‎) is an Israeli settlement, moshav, located in the southern Golan Heights, under the administration of Israel. It falls under the jurisdiction of Golan Regional Council and in 2006 had a population of 264.

The village was founded in 1968 as a Nahal settlement, and became a moshav two years later. It was originally called El Al (Hebrew: אֶל עָל‎) and later Eli Al (Hebrew: אֵלִי עַל‎), before assuming its current name.

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Coordinates: 32°48′16.56″N 35°44′3.47″E / 32.8046°N 35.7342972°E / 32.8046; 35.7342972


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