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Elementalism is the communication one can make with an element, and have it react. There are seven elements (fire, air, earth, water, electricity, light and life). To eliminate confusion, death and darkness are not elements they are just a lack of light and life.

In elementalism, a person asks an element to react. They might do so indirectly, such as moving the arms, or directly by talking with the element, or by telepathically communicating. If the elementalist becomes powerful enough, it may feel like they are parallel with the element when communicating. The elementalist will become one with the element and every move and/or breath they make while communicating will mean a movement or reaction from an element.

Although elementalists have powers, they are not magicians. They are not in a religion or a cult either. Religion is based on beliefs, whereas elementalism is based on truth and facts. It is thought that, once upon a time, all humans were elementalists, but over the years, the "sixth sense" became dull and was no longer as strong because of modernization. It generally comes easier with people who are at one with and respect nature.

Elementalism is a product of the sixth sense, and is therefore connected to psychic power and dreams. Historical recordsare not always clear, but are always present. It was often mistaken for witchcraft, resulting in the distruction of most human operators of the sixth sense, as well as, it seems, most human operators of the seventh sense: common sense.

All humans have the power to be elementalists, they just have to keep trying at it and not have a shred of disbelief in their minds. Do not let the notion of what is considered rationality hinder your will. Also, it may work, they may just be looking for the wrong things (the reaction may be very weak at first). Don't give up, this world needs elementalists.

Another point of view

Some Elementalist beleive the seven elements to be Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Light, Shadow, and Void. This veiw sees elementalism more as an expression of Universal Balance, and manipulating these elemental energies is merely momentary influences upon this Universal Balance.

A common saying amongst many Elementalist is "Ask seven Elementalists what Elementalism is, and you'll get seven correct answers."

Qualities of the Elements

  • Fire: The Element of Passions. Countered by Water
  • Air: The Element of Freedom. Countered by Earth
  • Water: The Element of Change. Countered by Fire
  • Earth: The Element of Inner Strength. Countered by Air
  • Light: The Element of Kindness. Countered by Shadow
  • Shadow: The Element of Subtlety. Countered by Light
  • Void: The Element of Balance and Contradiction. Countered by Void

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