The Economy of the Occupation (EOC) is a series of publications about the socio-economic aspects of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The EOC is published by the Alternative Information Center (AIC) since June 2005. According to the publication’s mission statement, the EOC aims to offer a "new approach to the economic situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel" and to "provide accessible and singular analyses of the socio-economic interests behind the Israeli occupation of Palestine."

While remaining in the realm of economic analysis and using economic tools and definitions, EOC does not aim to be understood solely by economists and academics, but by anyone interested in the situation in Israel-Palestine or even the Middle East as a whole. The texts published by the EOC are on the range between journalistic and academic in nature. Each chapter of the series focuses on one aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and analyses the situation from a critical economic perspective.

The research methodology used by EOC is that of political economy – constantly tracing the connections between the political and the economic reality. Thus, it deals with the standard of living of both Israelis and Palestinians and the growing social gaps in these societies and how these are connected to government policies, acts of violence and global interests.

Within the political spectrum in Israel, the EOC is situated in the radical left and reflects opinions shared only by a small minority of Israelis.

EOC is published by the Alternative Information Center and most of its publications were written by the economist Shir Hever.

List of publications

  • Bulletin I: Foreign Aid to Palestine/Israel, February 2006 (2nd edition).

- Written by Shir Hever

  • Bulletin II: The Settlements—Economic Cost to Israel, July 2005.

- Written by Shir Hever

  • Bulletin III: Divide and Conquer—Inequality and Discrimination, September 2005.

- Written by Shir Hever

  • Bulletin IV & V: The Gaza Withdrawal—Winners and Losers, October-November 2005.

- Written by Shir Hever

  • Bulletin VI: The Question of Sanctions and a Boycott Against Israel, March 2006.

- Written by Shir Hever

  • Bulletin VII & VIII: Breaking the Labor Market—The Welfare to Work Plan in Israel, Focus on East Jerusalem, April-May 2006.

- Written by Rami Adut and Shir Hever

  • Bulletin IX: The Occupation Through the Eyes of Israeli Economists, June 2006.

- Written by Shir Hever.

  • Bulletin X: Cheap War, July 2006.

- Written by Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan

  • Bulletin XI & XII: The Separation Wall in East Jerusalem, Economic Consequences, January-February 2007.

- Written by Shir Hever

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