In Greek mythology, the name Echion (Ancient Greek: Ἐχίων (gen.: Ἐχίονος) "son of the viper", cf. ἔχις echis "viper") referred to five different beings.

  • One of the Gigantes.[1]
  • One of the surviving Spartoi, the "sown men" that sprang up from the dragon's teeth sown by Cadmus;[2] "it was Echion who, for his great valor, was preferred by Cadmus to be his son-in-law:"[3] Echion was father of Pentheus.
  • One of the Argonauts, son of Hermes and Antianeira (daughter of Menoetius), brother of Erytus;[4] participated in the Calydonian Boar Hunt, according to Hyginus[5] and Ovid.
  • One of the suitors of Penelope.[6]
  • One of the Greeks who fought at the Trojan War. Son of Portheus, he was one of the men hidden in the Trojan horse, and he was killed whilst jumping from it.[7]


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