Saint Eberhard
Archbishop of Salzburg
Born Nuremberg, Germany
Died 1164, Rein Abbey, Gratwein, Styria, Austria
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast 22 June

Eberhard was Archbishop of Salzburg, Austria. Eberhard was born to a noble family of Nuremberg, Germany, he became a Benedictine in 1125 at Pruffening, Germany. Later he was made Abbot of Biburg near Regensburg. Eberhard was later appointed Archbishop of Salzburg in 1146. He rose to fame as a mediator when Pope Alexander III was faced with the “Investiture Controversy”, led by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa and antipope Victor IV. Ebarherd died in 1164, returning from another peace keeping mission[1].


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