E-Sword is a computer program based upon the Bible, written and published by Rick Meyers for computers running the Microsoft Windows program, and the Pocket-PC. E-sword is capable of running many Bible versions and translations, plus many other modules related to commentaries, dictionaries, and graphics. The program was published online as free software (freeware) in January 2000, and as of 2007 it has reached five million downloads.


E-Sword, as of version 7.85 released in January 2007, is a file approximately 18 megabytes in size, and contains the main program bundled with the King James Version with Strong's Numbers and Strong's Dictionary. The program allows the add-on of various modules which can be downloaded from the same website, increasing the programs features and capabilities.

The display features a set of tabs in each adjustable window, where one can click on a particlar Bible, dictionary, or commentary. There is also a comparison feature to view a verse side-by-side with the same verse from another translation, or complete Bibles in the parallel tab.


Many versions of the English-language Bible are available, including the American Standard, Revised Version, plus twenty-five others. These modules also include archaic English language versions, such as the 1611 King James version, the Darby Bible, and the Geneva Bible. Bibles in other languages are also available, from the ancient Greek and Hebrew languages to modern languages today.

Commentaries, dictionaries, graphics

Matthew Henry's Commentary, John Gill's, and several other classic and modern commentaries are available, as well as familiar dictionaries and graphics modules.

Topical add-ons

These modules are available for viewing within the Topical interface, and consist of devotional material, famous sermons, and the like; included also is the works of Flavius Josephus.

Pay modules

Several modules for E-Sword are with payment only; these particular ones are owned by the corporations still retaining copyright, such as the Lockman Foundation for their New American Standard Bible. These few modules are the only ones where the user must pay; E-Sword and the majority of its modules are freeware.

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