Durga Puja 2007, or the five day Durga Puja festival honouring the Goddess Durga, was celebrated with vigour from 2007-10-17 (ষষ্টী, shashthi) to 2007-10-21(দশমী, dashami), all over the lands where Bengalis and other Eastern Indian peoples live. As usual, Kolkata was the epicentre with a large number of pandals competing for attention.

Legal Wrangles

Leading up to the Pujas, the matter of possible copyright violations by Pandal designers was highlighted when the publishers of Harry Potter in India, Penguin India, sued the FD Block puja committee in Salt Lake, Kolkata, over their pandal (marquee) which was designed to resemble the Hogwarts Castle. The suit claimed a fine of 25,000 pounds or 2 million Rupees but was eventually thrown out by Delhi High Court, subject to certain conditions.[1][2]


On the second day of the Pujas, mahashaptami night, the pandal at pocket-40, Chittaranjan Park in Delhi was burnt to the ground around 4 a.m. on 2007-10-19. The fire originated from the kitchen area, and electrical short-circuit is a possible cause[3]. There were no casualties.

Gallery of Pandal images 2007

Asian Paints Sharad Shamman (2007)

This year's Asian Paints Sharad Shamman was also declared on the night of Ashtami. Like previous years, six winners were declared judged by people from various artistic fields.[6]

  • Best Puja : Khidderpore 25 Pally
  • Best Puja : Laketown Natun Pally Pradip Sangha
  • Best Puja : Pathuriaghata Pacher Pally
  • Discovery of the Year : Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha
  • Creative Excellence : New Alipore Suruchi Sangha
  • Best Artisan : Chakraberia Sarbojanin (Shri Purnendu Sen)


  • Chaltabagan Lohapatty
  • Naktolla Udayan Sangha
  • Behala Adarshapally
  • Behala Sitalatolla Kishore Sangha
  • Laketown Adhibashibrindo
  • Badamtala Ashar Sangha

The panel of judges included Anindita Sarbadhikary, Bikram Ghosh, Kaushik Chatterjee, Mir, Sagnik Chowdhury, Surajit Sengupta.

Preceded by
Durga Puja 2006
Durga Puja 2007
October 17, 2008 - October 21, 2008
Succeeded by
Durga Puja 2008
Asian Paints Sharad Shamman
Best Puja
Preceded by
Haridevpur 41 Pally
Bosepukur Talbagan
Laketown Natunpally Pradip Sangha
Pathuriaghata Pacher Pally
Khidderpore 25 Pally
Laketown Natunpally Pradip Sangha

October 2007
Succeeded by
Telengabagan Sarbojanin
Tangra Gholpara Sarbojanin
Laketown Natunpally Pradip Sangha
Discovery of the Year
Preceded by
Jawpur Bayam Samity
Kankurgachi Mitali Sangha
October 2007
Succeeded by
Santoshpur Lakepally
Hatibagan Nabinpally
Creative Excellence
Preceded by
Haridevpur Ajeya Sanghati
New Alipore Suruchi Sangha
October 2007
Succeeded by
Naktolla Udayan Sangha
Best Artisan
Preceded by
Nalin Sarkar Street
Shri Sanatan Dinda
Chakraberia Sarbojanin
Shri Purnendu Dey

October 2007
Succeeded by
Barisha Club
Shri Purnendu Dey


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