Downtown Rising is a common organization in Salt Lake city that is looking to define how the downtown area will look in the decades to come. The church is playing a principle role in the organization, as it owns significant portions of land in the downtown area. The church is also sponsoring the website for the group. The projects that the organization currently have planned range from building new buildings, restructuring old ones, building transportation corridors, and even demolishing many existing structures in the area. The Church has many projects that it is developing through the Deseret Management Corporation and others. Most notably, the church is doing three things:

  • Church History Library - On north temple across from the Conference Center and Church Office Building.
  • LDS Business College - Moving the college to the Triad Center and expanding the student population
  • City Creek Center - A massive redevelopment of the ZCMI center and surrounding buildings with a new multi-use mall with an outdoor creek running down the center of it.
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