Douglas Arnold Hyde (8 April 1911, Worthing, Sussex– 19 September 1996, Kingston Upon Thames) was a Communist who was the news editor of the Daily Worker until 1948, when he converted to Catholicism and resigned.

He was an early convert to Communism, at age 17 in 1928. He was once jailed for two years in southeast Asia while trying to agitate for Communist reforms. He was the news editor of the Daily Worker, the largest Communist publication in Britain. After his resignation, he wrote a book, "Dedication and Leadership" about his experiences and the specific tactics of the Communists especially in the way that they recruited their members and built them into leaders.[1] He also published an auto-biography "I Believed. The Autobiography of a Former British Communist" [2] On his death he had allegedly become an agnostic, having had difficulties pursuing social justice and economic equality issues within the Catholic Church.[3]


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  • Communism from the Inside, Catholic Truth Society, 1951.
  • God's Bandit, The Story of Don Orione, "Father of the Poor", Peter Davies, London, 1952. Italian (1955), French (1956), German (1957) and Polish (1980) translations.
  • Dedication and Leadership, University of Notre Dame Press, 1956. There is a 1992 edition.
  • The Peaceful Assault. The Pattern of Subversion. A Background Book, The Bodley Head, London, 1963


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