Dophkah dbq.[1] is one of the places the Israelites camped at during their Exodus from Egypt, and was one of the 12 camp sites engaged in the manufacturah at Timnah[2] of copper artifacts which were traded at the Phoenician emporia at Elat along with Frankincense, and Myrrh, from Punt and Bitumen and juniper oil from Canaan that were used in Egypts mortuary trade at Karnak in return for Nubian gold shipped across the Red Sea from Elim the port of Thebes the capital of Egypt during Egypts 18th dynasty


  1. West Semitic, to cling, adhere. dybbuk, from Mishnaic Hebrew dibbûq, attachment, joining, from Hebrew dibbq, to make cling, derived stem of dbaq, to cling
  2. Nelson Glueck "Rivers in the Desert" pp34-38
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