Domnus I was the bishop of Antioch from 270 to 274. He was appointed bishop to the see of Antioch after Paul of Samosata was deposed for his heretical views of monarchianism by a synod at Antioch of seventy bishops, priests, and deacons. The appointment of Domnus was made directly by the synod which apparently feared that Paul would have been re-elected if the election was referred to the people and clergy. [1] The appointment of Domnus was confirmed by the civil action of emperor Aurleian, as he required the bishop of Antioch to be a person who was in communion with the bishops of Italy and the see of Rome.

Domnus remained bishop of Antioch until his death in 274.


  1. (Eus. H. E. vii. 30)


Preceded by:
Paul of Samosata
Bishop of Antioch
Succeeded by:

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