Domenico Cardinal Agostini †
Church positions
See Patriarchate of Venice
Title Patriarch of Venice; Cardinal priest of Santa Maria della Pace
Period in office June 22, 1877 — December 31, 1891
Successor Pope Pius X
Previous post Bishop of Chioggia
Created cardinal March 27, 1882
Date of birth May 31, 1825(1825-05-31)
Place of birth near Treviso, Italy
Date of death December 31, 1891 (aged 66)
Place of death Venice, Italy

Domenico Agostini was an Italian Roman Catholic Cardinal and Patriarch of Venice (May 31, 1825 — December 31, 1891).

Born near Treviso, he studied in the local seminary, then in the University of Padua. He took a doctorate of philosophy and law, but he left the clerical state to join the citizen militia during the war with Austria in the period 1848-1850. He received the minor orders in 1850, after rejoining the clerical state.

He was ordained priest on January 26, 1851 in Venice and incardinated in the diocese of Treviso.Elected bishop of Chioggia on October 27, 1871. Promoted to the patriarchal see of Venice on June 22, 1877.

Agostni was created cardinal priest in the consistory of March 27, 1882 by Pope Leo XIII with the title of Sant'Eusebio. Opted for title of Santa Maria della Pace on June 7, 1886.

Cardinal Agostini died on New Year's Eve, 1891.

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