Dorothy Clara Louise "Dolly" Haas (April 29, 1910 – September 16, 1994) was a Jewish singer and entertainer who often appeared on Broadway.

Life and work

Dolly Haas was born in Hamburg, Germany to Jewish parents, Charles Oswald Haas, a bookseller of British origin[1], and Margarete Maria née Hansen.

Although she did not appear in many U.S. films, she had a role in the high-profile Alfred Hitchcock film I Confess in 1953. She became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

She married her second husband, famed caricaturist Al Hirschfeld in Baltimore, Maryland in 1943. They had a daughter, Nina (b. 1945). Haas died from ovarian cancer in New York City at the age of 84.


  • 1930 Eine Stunde Glück
  • 1930 Dolly macht Karriere
  • 1931 Der Ball
  • 1931 Der brave Sünder (aka The Upright Sinner)
  • 1931 Liebeskommando
  • 1932 Ein steinreicher Mann (aka A Tremendously Rich Man)
  • 1932 Es wird schon wieder besser
  • 1932 Scampolo, ein Kind der Straße
  • 1932 So ein Mädel vergisst man nicht (aka A Girl You Don't Forget)
  • 1932 Großstadtnacht
  • 1933 Die kleine Schwindlerin
  • 1933 Das hässliche Mädchen
  • 1933 Kleines Mädel - großes Glück
  • 1933 Der Page vom Dalmasse-Hotel
  • 1934 Ein Mädel mit Tempo
  • 1934 Girls Will Be Boys
  • 1935 Warum lügt Fräulein Käthe?
  • 1936 Broken Blossoms
  • 1936 Spy of Napoleon
  • 1949 Riviera
  • 1953 I Confess
  • 1954 The Fugitive (from the Armstrong Circle Theatre TV series)
  • 1956 Regarding File Number 4356 (from the Studio One TV series)


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