His All-Holiness Dionysius II was the Patriarch of Constantinople during the middle of the sixteenth century. He served as patriarch from 1546 to 1555.

The date of Dionysius' birth is not known. He was born in the Galata area of Constantinople and was consecrated to the episcopate by Patriarch Theoliptos. He was esteemed to be well educated. Before he was elected to the patriarchal throne he was Metropolitan of Nicomedia. Dionysius was elected Patriarch in 1546.

As the financial state of the patriarchate was a constant issue, Dionysius sent Metrophanes, Metropolitan of Caesaria, to Venice and the West to raise funds. However, Metrophanes was intercepted by Dionysius Zannetinos, the Latin Bishop of Hersonisus on Crete, who induced him to accept communion with the Pope of Rome, Paul III. This action created a storm of complaints not only against Metrophanes but Dionysius also that resulted in both of them being deposed. However, the act of deposition against Dionysius was never carried out, and he continued as patriarch until his death.

Dionysius reposed in 1555 and was buried on the grounds of the Monastery of Kamariotissa on the island of Chalki, one of the Prince islands.

Preceded by:
Metropolitan of Nicomedia
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Joannicus I
Patriarch of Constantinople
Succeeded by:
Joasaph II


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