Dionysius II (Russian: Дионисий) (? – 1591) was Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia between 1581 and 1587.

Dionysius was elected metropolitan by Ivan the Terrible in 1581. He was notable for his eloquence and a number of works (all of them lost), for which he would be nicknamed Грамматик (The Grammarian). Being a close friend of the Shuisky family, Dionysius managed to reconcile them with the Godunovs in 1585. At the same time, he attempted to persuade tsar Feodor I to divorce Irina Godunova, for which he was deposed at the instigation of Boris Godunov in 1587 and exiled to the Khutyn Monastery outside Novgorod the Great. He died there in 1591.

Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Metropolitan of Moscow and all Russia
Succeeded by


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