Dharlism is a monotheistic religion which was founded in the Sahara Desert in the 20th century based on the teachings of Samarah. There are an estimated 1,000 followers of the religion, of whom live mostly in Syria while others scattered across the country. Some consider Dharlism to be a form of Islam, though it is strongly denied by Dharlists as some of their beliefs and practices are different from Islamic beliefs. Dharlism commands it's followers to profess strict monotheism, the beleif in one God who has power over all things. Dharlism beleives in the same God as the followers of Abrahamic religions and is sometimes considered to be an Abrahamic religion itself. It also accepts all the prophets of Islam, like Adam, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

Dharlists are reminded by God by performing a daily prayer which is recited before a Dharlist goes to sleep. Dharlism's rules evolve around the Book of Praise, written by Samarah and recited by Dharlists on Saturday, the day of rest in the Dharlish calender. It is offically recognised as a religion by the UN, although there has been ongoing debate whether Dharlists should be placed under the Muslim population, as it follow's most of Islam's beliefs and customs. Never the less, Dharlism still remains an individual monothestic religion.

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