Devakarya Samudyata
Devanagari देवकार्य समुद्यता
Affiliation Devi / Shakti / Lalita sahasranama

Devakarya Samudyata; Sanskrit: देवकार्य समुद्यता is the Fifth name of Hindu goddess in Lalita Sahasranama.

Below are different meanings of this name, as per the Hindu Philosophy.

This name can be split into parts, Deva + Karya + Samudyata

Deva : means The Gods

Karya : means the work, the object

Samudyata : means to fulfil or to manifest.

The complete meaning is, the one who manifested Herself for fulfilling the objects of all the Gods, Devas.

The Goddess is said to be Eternal, but even though She is eternal, She is said to be born whenever She manifests Herself for the accomplishment of the object of Devas. She became manifest in order to slay the Demons like Bhandasura, Mahishasura and many other reasons.

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