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Devadaha was a township of the Sākiyans (nowadays Nepal). It is near Kapilvastu. The Buddha stayed there during his tours and preached to the monks on various topics[1]. According to the Commentaries[2] it was the city of birth of the Buddha's mother (Mayadevi), and of Pajāpatī Gotamī and their companions, who married the Sākiyans of Kapilavatthu.

Origin of the name

The name 'Devadaha' was originally that of a lake, so called either because kings held their sports in it (Pali: devā vuccanti rājāno tesam mangaladaho), or because it came into existence without human intervention, hence divine (Pali: sayañjāto vā so daho, tasmā pi Devadaho). The name was later transferred to the village nearby[3]. According to the Dulva (Rockhill, p. 12), the city was founded by Sākiyans from Kapilavatthu, when they grew very numerous. The spot was pointed out by a deva, hence its name.

Related places and persons

The Lumbinīvana, where the Buddha was born, was near Devadaha.

Suppabuddha of Devadaha was a contemporary of Suddhodana (p. 14).

Devadaha was the residence of Devadaha Sakka (Mhv.ii.17; MT.87) and of Pakkha Thera (ThagA.i.114).


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