Derrynane Abbey is a ruined abbey in County Kerry, Republic of Ireland. It is located near the town of Caherdaniel and is very close to Derrynane House, the house of Daniel O'Connell. Derrynane Abbey is on an island appropriately named Abbey Island. It is accessible from the mainland through a beach. It is believed to have been built in the 6th century

The Abbey

The Abbey itself is very ruined. There are only 3 interconnecting buildings of the abbey left, all without a roof. The main church, like the other buildings, is very overgrown and full of graves, including Mary O'Connell's (wife of Daniel O'Connell) grave. The three arched windows of the church are in good condition even though they are facing the sea. The other two buildings have little else of note but graves. In the graveyard surrounding the abbey, there is tomb made of white tile which has been chipped away in places. It's such an unusual tomb that it has to be seen too.


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Coordinates: 51°45′27″N 10°08′34″W / 51.7575°N 10.14278°W / 51.7575; -10.14278

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