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The Declaration of the Báb is the annual commemoration among Bahá'ís of the Báb's declaration that he is a Prophet promised by God. This he did to Mulla Husayn on 23 May 1844.

This day is known as 7 Azamat of the first year of the Bahá'í calendar. However, as this event was on 5 Jumada al-Ula in the Islamic calendar, many Middle-Eastern Bahá'ís celebrate that date instead. This alternative date is now almost a month later (it occurs on 12 June in 2005).

Devout Bahá'ís should refrain from usual work on this day.

This day is also the birthday of `Abdu'l-Bahá, born on the same day, and in the same years, as the Báb's declaration.

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