Debbie Nathan is an American journalist and writer, known for her combating the notion of repressed memories of sexual abuse along with Elizabeth Loftus. She is also affiliated with the National Center for Reason and Justice which combats false convictions of sexual abuse.


  • Nathan, Debbie (1991). Women and other aliens: essays from the U. S.-Mexico border. El Paso, Tex: Cinco Puntos Press. ISBN 0-938317-08-3. 
  • Snedeker, Michael R.; Nathan, Debbie (1995). Satan's silence: ritual abuse and the making of a modern American witch hunt. New York: Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-07181-3. 
  • Nathan, Debbie (2007). Pornography (Groundwork Guides). Toronto: Groundwood Books. ISBN 0-88899-766-3. 

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