Dead Sea scrolls 4Q448
by unknown
Transcription and translation by E. Eshel, H. Eshel, and A. Yardeni

Fragments 1

Praise the Lord, a Psalm [of You loved as a fa[ther(?) you ruled over [ vacat [ and your foes were afraid (or: will fear) [ ...the heaven [ and to the depths of the sea [ and upon those who glorify him [ the humble from the hand of adversaries [ Zion for his habitation, ch[ooses

Fragments 2

because you love Isr[ael in the day and until evening [ to approach, to be [ Remember them for blessing [ on your name, which is called [ kingdom to be blessed [ ]for the day of war [ to King Jonathan [

Fragments 3

holy city for king Jonathan and all the congregation of your people Israel who are in the four winds of heaven peace be (for) all and upon your kingdom your name be blessed.

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