David Werdyger is a Polish-born Jewish American musician. He is a popular Hazzan, and the author of "Songs of Hope". He is the father of Mordechai ben David (David referring to his father, "ben" meaning son of in Hebrew). David Werdyger is a Holocaust survivor and a retired businessman, having operated an extremely successful travel agency (Werdyger Travel) and having founded Hasidic recording company Aderet (Aderet Records and Tapes).

Another of Werdyger's sons, Mendel (Mendy), is also a singer, as well as the owner and operator of Aderet and its retail arm, Mostly Music. Two of Werdyger's grandsons are also Jewish music performers; they are Yeedle (Avigdor Yehuda), son of Mordechai ben David, and Mendy's son Yisroel Werdyger.

Werdyge recorded many albums for various Hasidic groups. They include Bobov (child vocalist is the present Bobover rebbe Rabbi Ben Zion Halberstam), Satmar, Boyan, Skulen (two albums), Sadiger, Ger (three albums)


  • 1962 : Melitzer Oneg Shabbos
  • 1962 : Songs of the Gerer Chassidim Loi Sevoishi
  • 1963 : A Gerer Melava Malka
  • 1965 : Sholosh Seudos Melodies
  • 1966 : Songs of the Gerer Chassidim Vehoer Eineinu
  • 1968 : In Cheder Arein
  • 1968 : Bobover Niggunim
  • 1969 : Skulaner Chassidic Nigunim Vol. 1
  • 1970 : Melitzer Nigunim 2
  • 1970 : Songs Of Camp Kol Reena
  • 1973 : Ger Holiday Songs
  • 1974 : Ger Favorite Nigunim
  • 1977 : Skulaner Nigunim 2
  • 1980 : Satmar Niggunim
  • 1980 : Neginei Boyan
  • 1984 : Father & Sons Biglal Avos
  • 1989 : Sadegora Niggunim

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