David J. MacLeod is Dean for Biblical Studies and the Program Director for Biblical Studies, Bible Exposition and Theology at Emmaus Bible College, Dubuque, Iowa.

MacLeod was born in Nova Scotia and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. He received his theological education at Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M., New Testament Literature and Exegesis; Ph. D., Systematic Theology) and has served on the faculties of Colorado Christian University and Dallas Seminary.

A conservative evangelical who is pre-millenial and embraces historic dispensationalism, MacLeod teaches the Bible as the inspired and authoritative Word of God.

MacLeod is an elder and frequent Bible teacher in his local church, affiliated with the so-called Open Plymouth Brethren movement. Emmaus is a four-year Bible college that serves the Brethren movement in North America.

Selected publications

  • "Christ, the Believer's High Priest: An exposition of Hebrews 7:26-2." Bibliotheca Sacra 162 (July–September 2005): 331–43
  • "The Problem of Divorce, part 3—The Teaching of Jesus." The Emmaus Journal 3 (Summer, 1994): 3-47.
  • The Letter to the Hebrews, ECS Ministries, Dubuque, IA
  • The Seven Last Things, ECS Ministries, Dubuque, IA. A study in Revelation 19-21. "A forthright defense of historical premillenialism that avoids sectarian name-calling and keeps the dialogue open with those who arrive at different conclusions." – Donald G. Bloesch

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