David Freiberg (born August 24, 1938, Cincinnati, Ohio is a Jewish American musician. He was vocalist and bass guitar player with Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.


Freiberg began his career as a coffee house folk musician. For a while he shared a house in Venice, California, with other future folk-rockers David Crosby and Paul Kantner. Janis Joplin was also one of his roommates. In the mid-1960s, already in his late twenties, Freiberg founded Quicksilver Messenger Service with John Cipollina. In 1972 Freiberg joined Jefferson Airplane for the tour that promoted their final studio LP, Long John Silver and appeared on their final live album Thirty Seconds Over Winterland. The remnants of the band—minus lead guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady, who had formed their own band, Hot Tuna—eventually evolved into Jefferson Starship, and Freiberg remained with this group until 1984 when he quit the group following the departure of Paul Kantner.

After a two decade hiatus, Freiberg rejoined Kantner in Jefferson Starship for their 2005 tour, which was billed as "The Jefferson Family Galactic Reunion", and as of 2008 has officially rejoined the group and appears on the 2008 release Jefferson's Tree of Liberty which is the first Jefferson Starship release to feature Frieberg since 1984's Nuclear Furniture.

Freiberg is married to the singer Linda Imperial and resides in Marin County, California where he has built a recording studio. His engineering touch is favored by many artists who have national followings. Orpheus creator Bruce Arnold has been quoted as saying "He has developed a wonderful way of recording my acoustic guitar and has a $100,000 voice mike that will make anyone sound good."


With Quicksilver Messenger Service

  • Quicksilver Messenger Service (1968)
  • Happy Trails (1969)
  • Shady Grove (1969)
  • Just For Love (1970)
  • What About Me (1970)
  • Solid Silver (1975)
  • Peace by Piece (1986)
  • Shape Shifter (1996)

With Paul Kantner and/or Grace Slick

  • Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun (Kantner, Slick, Freiberg et al.) (1973)
  • Manhole (Grace Slick) (1974)
  • Planet Earth Rock And Roll Orchestra (Paul Kantner) (1983)

With Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship

  • Blows Against the Empire (1970)
  • Thirty Seconds Over Winterland (1973)
  • Dragon Fly (1974)
  • Red Octopus (1975)
  • Spitfire (1976)
  • Earth (1978)
  • Gold (1979)
  • Freedom at Point Zero (1979)
  • Modern Times (1981)
  • Winds of Change (1982)
  • Nuclear Furniture (1984)
  • Greatest Hits (Ten Years and Change 1979-1991)
  • Jefferson's Tree of Liberty (2008)

With Mickey Hart

  • Rolling Thunder (1972)
  • Diga (1976)

With Robert Hunter

  • Tales Of The Great Rum Runners (1974)
  • Tiger Rose (1975)
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