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David-Augustin de Brueys (1640–November 25, 1723) was a French theologian and dramatist. He was born in Aix-en-Provence. His family was Calvinist, and he studied theology. After writing a critique of Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet's work, he was in turn converted to Catholicism by Bossuet, and later became a priest.[1]

After his conversion, he was actively engaged in propagating the faith. He also managed to be joint editor with Palaprat in the production of plays. He died in Montpellier.



  • Asba
  • Les Quiproquos
  • Le Concert Ridicule, 1689
  • Le Secret Reve, 1690
  • Le Grondeur, 1691
  • Le Muet, 1691
  • L' Important de Cour, 1693
  • Le Sot toujours sot ou le Marquis (Baron) paysan, 1693
  • La Force du Sang, 1693
  • La Belle Mere, 1693
  • Les Empiriques, 1697
  • Gabinie, 1699
  • L'Avocat Patelin, 1706
  • L'Opiniatre, 1722


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This article incorporates text from the public domain 1907 edition of The Nuttall Encyclopædia.

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