Dave Considine is one of a small number of lay religious demonologists and is also a paranormal researcher based in Connecticut.

Early life

At the age of twelve, Considine believes he had a terrifying supernatural experience by seeing a ghost which altered the course of his life. A short time later, he decided to dedicate his life to investigating the supernatural, focusing on ways to assist individuals and families believed to be victimized by entities from the supernatural realm.[1] He believes the world is full of demons and spirits. He studied under Ed and Lorraine Warren and has been working in the field for 23 years.


In 1994, he founded Phantasm Psychic Research which is an organization dedicated to aiding individuals and families whose lives have been affected by the supernatural and preternatural realms. On average, he participates in about one exorcism a month.

In his spiritual warfare work Considine has collaborated closely with Father Malachi Martin, Father Rama P. Coomaraswamy and Bishop Robert McKenna[2].

Considine said that "As a religious demonologist, I often see people at rock bottom - terrified, desperate ... The most rewarding part of my job is helping them put their lives back together. I see the trauma they go through, and I help them to fight back, using their faith. I hate seeing people victimized by the demonic, but it's incredibly gratifying to watch them come back, more faithful and stronger than they've ever been before."[3]

He also has hosted bus tours to places such as Salem to explore cemeteries and museums among other attractions. During the bus rides, he gives presentations about ghosts and shows videos about spirits and ghosts.[4]


He was a featured guest on the paranormal radio show Coast to Coast on October 14, 2004.[2] has appeared on a number of television shows and been as been consulted by CNN, the BBC and The Living Channel.[3] He also worked on three episodes of the Discovery Channel's television program A Haunting including an episode that aired in September 2006 about a haunted house in Seymour, Connecticut.[4][5][6]


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