Portrait of Bishop Tuttle at age 69[1]


Bishop Tuttle at age 33[2]

Daniel Sylvester Tuttle (January 26, 1837-April 17, 1923) was ordained a bishop of the Episcopal Church in 1866. His first assignment was as Bishop of Montana, a missionary field that included Montana, Utah, and Idaho.

He moved to the vast territory in 1867, establishing his residence in Salt Lake City. In 1880 Montana was removed from his mission, leaving him with Utah and Idaho. In 1886 he was called to serve as bishop of Missouri.

During Tuttle's residency in Salt Lake City, he oversaw the construction of St. Mark's Cathedral, the first non-Mormon religious building in Utah, followed by the establishment of St. Mark's School for boys and girls in 1867, St. Mark's Hospital in 1872, and Rowland Hall school for girls in 1881.[3]

From 1903 until 1923, Tuttle served as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. The presiding bishop, at the time of Tuttle's consecration, was the senior bishop in order of consecration.

Tuttle wrote a memoir, called Reminiscences of a Missionary Bishop, published in 1906. His memoir has extensive first-person accounts of his service among the Mormons in Salt Lake City, including his meetings and other dealings with Brigham Young and other local leaders.


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