Daniel B. Wallace is a New Testament scholar who specializes in textual criticism. He is currently a professor of New Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he earned his Ph.D in 1995. Wallace served as the senior New Testament editor for the NET Bible and "has founded The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts, an institute with an initial purpose to preserve Scripture by taking digital photographs of all known Greek New Testament manuscripts." [1] Wallace has done postdoctoral work at Tyndale House in Cambridge. His Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics is currently used as a standard textbook in seminaries throughout the United States.

Selected publications

  • Dethroning Jesus (Thomas Nelson, 2007)
  • Reinventing Jesus: What The Da Vinci Code and Other Novel Speculations Don't Tell You (Kregel, 2006)
  • Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics (Zondervan, 1997)

External links

Online writings

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