Dan River in Tel Dan Reserve

The Dan River (Hebrew: דן dan, Arabic: اللدان leddan) is the largest tributary of the Jordan river, whose source is located at the base of Mount Hermon. The river is so named after the Canaanite city of Laish, which was captured by the Tribe of Dan during the Judges period. Until the 1967 Six Day War, the Dan River was the only source of the river Jordan wholly within Israeli territory. Its flow provides up to 238 million cubic meters of water annually to the Hulah Valley. In 1966 this was a cause of dispute between water planners and conservationists, with the later prevailing after three years of court appeals and adjudication. The result was a conservation project of about 120 acres (0.49 km2) at the source of the river called the Tel Dan Reserve.

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  • Tel Dan [1], The Department for Jewish Zionist Education

Coordinates: 33°14′56″N 35°39′07″E / 33.249°N 35.652°E / 33.249; 35.652

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