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Daliyat al-Karmel

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Daliyat al-Karmel
District Haifa
Government Local council
Hebrew דאלית אל-כרמל
Arabic دالية الكرمل
Population 25,400 (2009)
Area 15561 dunams (15.561 km2; 6.008 sq mi)
Coordinates 32°41′35″N 35°02′58″E / 32.69306°N 35.04944°E / 32.69306; 35.04944Coordinates: 32°41′35″N 35°02′58″E / 32.69306°N 35.04944°E / 32.69306; 35.04944

Daliyat al-Karmel is a Druze local council in the North District of Israel, located around 20km southeast of Haifa.


The town was given local council status in 1951. However, in 2003 it was merged with nearby Isfiya to create Carmel City.[1] In 2008, the communities became separate once again.

Notable residents include Ayoob Kara.


Coordinates: 32°41′35″N 35°02′58″E / 32.69306°N 35.04944°E / 32.69306; 35.04944

ar:دالية الكرمل

ca:Daliyat el-Carmel

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