Dale Thompson
Background information
Born 1963
Origin United States
Genres Christian metal
Heavy metal
Hard rock
Alternative metal
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1983 - Present
Labels Pure Metal Records, Star Song Records, Rugged Records, Organic Records
Associated acts Bride

Dale Thompson (born 1963) is an American singer, musician, and song writer. In 1983, he and his brother, Troy Thompson, created the Christian metal band Bride (at the time, known as Matrix). Dale and Troy are the only original members still in the band. A multioctave, Dale Thompson is known for his virtuosic vocal performance, capable of producing high-pitched voices such as on the songs "Hell No" and "Here Comes the Bride".[1]

Thompson is a fan of boxing and weightlifting, and currently holds two Kentucky bench press records in two different divisions with Sonlight Power Federation.

Presidential candidate nomination

Thompson was seeking the Constitution Party nomination in the 2008 campaign for President of the United States.[2][3] He dropped out around March 19, 2007, but stating "If the Lord wills maybe we can seriously look at 2012."[4]

Dale has also completed his Kentucky State EMT exam and has passed his National Registry test to become a certified EMT (Emergency medial Technician).

Personal beliefs

Thompson considers himself a committed Christian and universalist and according to [5] Scott Waters of Ultimatum, Dale's lyrical approach of universalism has been featured most prominently in "This is it" and "Skin for Skin."[6] In the album Skin for Skin, Thompson's lyrics claim a greater Universalist view than previous releases, most notably in the song "End of Day," where the lyrics contain what is considered Thompson's most outward implication of Universalism with the lyrics, "Every man, women and child followed Adam to the grave. Your flesh he will destroy that your spirit will be saved...concluded them all in unbelief, he’ll have mercy on everyone, by His grace and peace the Spirit and the Bride say come".[7]

Despite his Universalism and several accusations that he is no longer a Christian, Thompson has stated that he is a devout Christian and does believe in a Hell, though he is still highly critical of speaking in tongues, divine healing, foot washing, and the rapture, as he believes the teachings of Christ are the most important areas of Christian Faith.[8]. He argues that the Bible does not require anything other than Believing in Christ's teachings.[9] Dale is often critical of many Christian churches and denominations, particularly fundamentalism, as they often refer to Christian Universalist beliefs as heresy.[8]

Criticism of Cornerstone Festival

Thompson is critical of Cornerstone Festival, stating "the Cornerstone staff was easily freaked out by us. They would have some bizarre goth band play or some punk band that said crazy things and put on weird shows and invite them back year after year... while we preached boldly from the stage and basically was blacklisted from the festival. Sorry state of affairs."[10]


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