Crusade first edition cover.
Author Robyn Young
Cover artist Richard Hasselberger
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Brethren Trilogy
Genre(s) Historical novel
Publisher E. P. Dutton
Publication date August 2, 2007
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 489 pp (first edition)
ISBN 9780525950165
OCLC Number 123391025
Dewey Decimal 813/.6 22
LC Classification PS3625.O97 C78 2007
Preceded by Brethren
Followed by Requiem

Crusade is a novel by Robyn Young set during the end of the ninth and final crusade. It was first published by E.P. Dutton in 2007.

Plot summary

Crusade, like Brethren before it, follows Will Campbell, a Templar involved in a secret order known as the Anima Templi, as he tries to secure peace in the Holy Land with the help of Kalawun, a high-ranking officer in the Mamluk court ruled by Sultan Baybars. Both of these men face plots from within their own organizations to throw the Holy Land into war: in Acre, Will must stop a cabal of merchants seeking to start a war by stealing the Muslim relic known as the Black Stone; while in Egypt, Baybars' son Baraka Khan and soothsayer Khadir al-Mihrani are plotting to overthrow Baybars and redouble the attack on the last remaining Franks in the Holy Land. Meanwhile, Will's childhood friend, Garin de Lyons, is now in the employ of King Edward I and has returned to Acre to extort money from the Anima Templi and to pursue his own, more selfish ends; and Will faces a threat from Baybars as the sultan gets nearer and nearer to discovering that it was Will who, many years before, ordered an assassination attempt which had failed but had taken the life of Baybars' closest friend.

Historical Figures

The following characters in the book were real historical figures:[1]

The following historical figures are mentioned in the book or involved with the plot, but do not appear as characters themselves:

Publication history

Crusade was first released in United States and the United Kingdom in August 2007. Below is the release details for the first edition hardback and paperback copies in these publication regions.


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External links

  • Crusade on Robyn Young's official website

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