In Greek mythology, the name Coronus (Ancient Greek: Κόρωνος) may refer to:

  • Coronus, king of the Lapiths, the son of Caeneus, counted among the Argonauts.[1] His own children were Leonteus[2] and Lysidice.[3] He led a war against King Aegimius and was killed by Heracles.[4][5]
  • Coronus, king of Sicyon, son of Apollo and Chrysorthe, and father of Lamedon and Corex. Coronus inherited the kingdom of Sicyon from his maternal grandfather Orthopolis. Corex succeeded to his father's power, but himself left no heirs so the kingdom was usurped by Epopeus, after whose death the it went back to Lamedon.[6]
  • Coronus, son of Thersander. He and his brother Haliartus were adopted by Athamas after the latter had lost all of his own sons. He was given land by Athamas and founded Coroneia.[7][8]
  • two briefly mentioned figures that may or may not be identical with one of the above:
    • Coronus, father of Asteria (possible mother of Idmon)[9]
    • Coronus, father of Anaxirhoe (the mother of Hyrmine)[10]


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