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Constantine II the Woolmaker was the Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Church between 1286 and 1289, and then again between 1307 and 1322.

He was from the village of Catuk, but as he was educated in Sis he was called Sisetzi. He was also surnamed Pronagorz, or Woolmaker. He came to the pontifical throne on Good Friday of 1286. A year later King Leo II of Armenia died and was succeeded by his son Hetoum II. Two years later a great disagreement took place between the King and Catholicos, which grew to the point where the king convened a meeting of the clergy which deposed Constantine. He was banished after reigning for three years.

Almost two decades later, upon the death of Gregory VII of Cilicia, a meeting was called by King Levon III to discuss new church regulations proposed by the recently deceased Catholicos. At this same meeting Constantine II was reinstated as Catholicos. Towards the end of his second reign the Mamalukes, with their allies the Turks, marched into Cilicia and laid siege to the region. Much of it was left in desolation and many were carried away into captivity. Constantine wrote to Pope John XXII for aid, to which he responded with consolation and some money. Scythian troops were sent to protect Cilicia but before they arrived the region was invaded again and much of the Armenian army was killed fighting them. Constantine was very distressed by these events and died, in 1322.

Preceded by
Jacob I the Learned
Catholicoi of the Holy See of Cilicia
Succeeded by
Stephen IV of Cilicia
Preceded by
Gregory VII of Cilicia
Catholicoi of the Holy See of Cilicia
Succeeded by
Constantine III of Cilicia

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