Congregation B'nai Torah is a Conservative synagogue located in Sandy Springs, Georgia of about 500 member families.[1] It was founded in 1981 by young, unaffiliated Jews who had attended the Hillel High holiday services at Emory University since the 1970s.[2]

The congregation was highly unusual, as it was founded as an Orthodox shul, but without a mechitza. Because of the challenge of being an independent synagogue, it gradually moved towards the Conservative movement, first identifying as "traditional" and then finally affiliating with the Conservative movement in November 2003. The synagogue is still non-egalitarian, however, meaning that women do not count as one of ten needed for a minyan and they are not permitted to read from the Torah.

The present location on 700 Mount Vernon Highway contains a large sanctuary, an eruv, a mikvah, a gift shop, meat and dairy kosher kitchens, a religious school, and a daycare. Since 2004, Rabbi Joshua Heller has headed the congregation.

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Coordinates: 33°56′36.16″N 84°21′34.73″W / 33.9433778°N 84.3596472°W / 33.9433778; -84.3596472

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