Genta zong xu

Zong Xu - The emblem of MATAKIN.

Established in 1955, The Supreme Council for Kongzi Religion in Indonesia (Majelis Tinggi Agama Konghucu Indonesia or MATAKIN), is a religious organization to promote the development of the teaching of Confucius.


  • In 1883, Boen Tjhiang Soe (Wen Chang Shi), after being rebuilt in 1906, then become Boen Bio (Wen Miao (文庙) or Kong Miao (孔庙)) at Jl. Kapasan No. 131 Surabaya. The Colonial Dutch called it "Gredja Boen Bio or Geredja Khonghoetjoe (de kerk van Confucius) or Confucius Church". At the present time it is a place of worship for Confucians in Surabaya. which being cultivated by MAKIN – (Majelis Agama Khonghucu) The Council of Confucianism of Indonesia in Surabaya.
  • In 1886, The first published of Confucianism book called (書經) Shu Jing in Indonesian, by Lie Kim Hok.
  • In 1897, Si Shu (四書), the Four Book was translated by Toean Njio Tjoen Ean (in Indonesian) and it was published in Ambon.
  • In 1900, The translation (in Indonesian) and commentary of Thai Hak (Da Xue (大學), Ajaran Besar) and Tiong Yong (Zhong Yong (中庸), Tengah Sempurna) by Tan Ging Tiong.
  • On March 17, 1900, twenty Chinese community leaders established the Kongfuzi Social Society Organization called Tiong Hoa Hwee Kwan (Zhong Hua Hui Guan) and the purpose of this organization is to introduce the real teaching of Kongzi.
  • In 1918 The Kongzism Council of Solo was legally founded
  • In 1923 a Congress held at Yogyakarta, Central Java, which established Khong Kauw Tjong Hwee, the Center for Confucianism Assembly.
  • In April 16, 1955 it was renamed as MATAKIN for Majelis Tinggi Agama Khonghucu Indonesia (The Supreme Council for Confucianism of Indonesia).

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