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God in Islam

  • The only God
  • Almighty
  • Holy
  • Just
  • Vengeful
  • Wise
  • All knowing
  • Historically interceded
  • Sent prophets

Beliefs in Islam

  • Judgement Day
  • Good spirits: angels
  • Evil spirits

Good Works in Islam

  • Prayer
  • Giving to the poor
  • Fasting

Jesus in Islam

Prophets of Islam

  • Adam was the first person
  • Adam was created into perfection
  • Noah a good man
  • Abraham
  • Lot related to Abraham
  • Ishmael was a son of Abraham
  • Isaac was a son of Abraham
  • Jacob
  • Joseph betrayed by his brothers
  • Joseph sent to Egypt
  • Joseph spent time in jail
  • Joseph tempted by Potiphar's wife
  • Joseph became powerful
  • Moses given the Torah
  • Aaron the brother of Moses
  • Aaron went with Moses to Pharoah
  • Aaron did not stop Israel from making the golden calf
  • Saul
  • David killed Goliath
  • David wrote the Psalms
  • Solomon the son of David; wise, rich, and powerful
  • Jonah consumed by a whale/fish
  • Jonah thrown up near Nineveh
  • Ezekial (under dispute)
  • Ezra was a Jew
  • Zechariah the father of John
  • John

Other Characters in Islam

  • Satan rebeled against God and tempts humans
  • Angels are the messengers of God
  • Cain killed Abel
  • Abel's blood cried out
  • Potiphar's wife wanted sex with Joseph
  • Imran was the father of Moses, Aaron, and Marium
  • Marium was the sister of Moses and Aaron
  • Haman was an enemy of the Israelites
  • Mary was an upright woman
  • The Jews thought they killed Jesus
  • Jesus' disciples overcame the unbelievers

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