"Come as you are" is a Christian song that calls us to come to Jesus as we are. Its beautiful words remind us of his love.


Come as you are, that's how I want you

Come as you are, feel quite at home

Come to my heart, loved and forgiven

Come as you are, why stand alone?

No need to fear, love sets no limits

No need to fear, love never ends

Don't run away, ashamed and disheartened

Rest in my love, trust me again

I came to call sinners, not just the virtuous

I came to bring peace, not to condemn

Each time you fail, to live by my promise

Why do you think, I'd love you the less?

Come as you are, that's how I love you

Come as you are, trust me again

Nothing can change, the love that I bear you

All will be well, just come as you are.

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