Colegio Fe y Alegría No. 52 Pedro Arrupe
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City: Ilo
Country: Peru
General Information
Type: Colegio
Founded: 2000
Address & Contact Information
Address: Asentamiento Humano 24 de Octubre
Pampa Inalámbrica - Ilo, Apartado 77
City: Ilo
Country: Peru
Phone: (+51) 53/966 7400

Colegio Fe y Alegría No. 52 Pedro Arrupe is a Jesuit secondary school located in Peru in Ilo. It was founded in 2000 and is named in honor of Pedro Arrupe.

Puerto Ilo is a small port town, population 70,000, on the very southern coast of Peru. Before the arrival of the Spanish in the mid 16th, the area was populated by the Chiribaya people. Until the beginning of the 20th. century most of the people lived along the banks of the Rio Osmore, whose waters flow sporadically during the summer months. Ilo was a port of call to the ships traveling from the east to the west coast of the United States via Tierra del Fuego.

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Contact Information

Asentamiento Humano 24 de Octubre; Pampa Inalámbrica - Ilo, Apartado 77; Ilo (Moquegua), Peru.
Tel: 51-53/966 7400

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