Jacob "Coby" Linder (born June 27, 1985 in Santa Monica, California) is a Jewish American musician, best known as the drummer of the band Say Anything. He lists his influences as Travis Barker, Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Bryan Newman. According to Say Anything's website, his favorite genres include emo, "death-core evil rock," jazz, and rock.[1] Coby attended Shalhevet High School in Los Angeles and was admitted to Berklee College of Music, In Boston, Massachusetts, but did not attend in order to remain with the band.


Linder is a founding member of Say Anything. He also recorded an album with band-mate Max Bemis and Chris Conley of Saves the Day entitled Two Tongues.

In 2006, Rolling Stone magazine said that "Coby Linder's thunderous drumming makes Taylor Hawkins sound limp-wristed."[2]


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