Clongowes Wood College
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City: Kildare
Country: Ireland
General Information
Type: Secondary school
Founded: 1814
President: Leonard Moloney SJ, Headmaster
Students: 450
Athletics: Gaelic football, orienteering, soccer, cricket tennis, golf, rugby, track, swimming, cross country, tennis
Motto: "Man for others"
Address & Contact Information
Address: Naas, Co
City: Kildare
Country: Ireland

Clongowes Wood College is a Jesuit secondary school located in Ireland in Kildare. It was founded in 1814. Clongowes Wood College has the reputation of being one of the leading schools in Ireland. The Castle in which the Jesuit Community lives was originally built around 1450 and has been renovated on a number of occasions since. Historically, Clongowes has educated many pupils who have gone on to play important roles in Irish political, economic, social and literary life. Due to its history, the school has a number of established traditions including Union Day held in May when parents and pupils gather for the graduation Mass, the end of year prize-giving and picnic. Other significant occasions include School Mass at the beginning of the year, Patron’s Day (St. Aloysius Gonzaga), feast of St. Stanislaus Kostka, Christmas Carol Service, Confirmation and House Sports’ Day. The mission of Clongowes Wood College is to educate its pupils according to the best traditions and highest standards of Jesuit schooling and the values of the Gospel, as expressed in The Characteristics of Jesuit Education.

As a boarding school located in beautiful surroundings twenty-one miles from Dublin and drawing its 450 pupils from all over Ireland and abroad, Clongowes aims to create an open, happy, stimulating, mutually respectful community in which young people are able to develop the full range of their talents and abilities in a balanced, integrated and generous way.

A Clongowes education seeks to inspire a sense of wonder in God’s creation, providing the wider community with resourceful and determined young men, with strong inter-personal skills and leadership qualities. In an overall sense, the aim is to educate each pupil to think and speak for himself, use his initiative, and provide leadership where required. In the famous dictum of the late Fr. General of the Society of Jesus, Pedro Arrupe, a Clongownian should be a "man for others".

Morale at Clongowes is high among pupils and staff. In co-operation with parents we are dedicated to ensuring a happy living and learning environment in order to produce confident and well-rounded young adults.

Contact Information

Naas, Co; Kildare, Ireland.

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