Add the name of your church in the list of portals section in the following format:

*[[Short name:Church name]]

The Church name is the full name of your church, along with part of the address to distinguish it from other churches with that name. The short name is the prefix which will be used by all pages relating to your church. This creates a "pseudo-namespace" which contains all of the pages relating to your church.

For example, if you wanted to create a portal for the "Lexden Methodist Church" in the town of Colchester, you might choose the short name "Lexden". In this case, the first link you create should be to Lexden:Lexden Methodist Church, Colchester, UK. Other pages you create would use the prefix Lexden:, so a page with your latest news would be at Lexden:News. This prevents page titles overlapping with ones from other churches.

List of portals

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