The Church of Jesus Christ–Christian is a white supremacist church, which was founded in 1946 by Ku Klux Klan organizer Wesley A. Swift. Swift was the son of a Methodist Episcopal Church, South minister and is considered a significant figure in the early years of the Christian Identity movement in the United States.[1]


The church was originally known as the White Identity Church of Jesus Christ–Christian, assuming its present name in 1957. After Wesley Swift's death in 1970, the ministry was continued by his wife Lorraine Swift.

In February 2001, the names "Church of Jesus Christ–Christian" and "Aryan Nations" were transferred to Victoria and Jason Keenan when the Keenans won a US$6.3 million lawsuit against the organizations after being attacked by Aryan Nations paramilitary soldiers; the Aryan Nations compound was also transferred to the Keenans.[2] In March 2001, the Keenans sold the compound to the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Carr Foundation, a human rights organization which plans to build a human rights center on the property.[3]

The church resurfaced in September 2004 upon the death of Richard Butler, who resumed the ministry after the death of Swift. The church is now headed by a council of three men, including Senior Pastor Jonathan Williams.


Among the group's teachings are the view that all non-whites—who are labelled "mud people"—have no souls and hence, no place at all in the afterlife; and since they are not going either to Heaven or Hell after they die, they have no incentive to self-regulate their earthly behavior. Jews are considered a race of devils born from Eve and Satan, and the church believes that they were placed on earth to do his bidding.


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