Christian crossChrysoroyiatissa (Χρυσορρογιάτισσα)
Flag of the Greek Orthodox Church
Monastery Information
Jurisdiction   Church of Cyprus
Paphos Bishopric
Established   12th century
Disestablished   still active
Location   Panayia, Cyprus
Dedicated to   Virgin Mary
Celebration   August 15
Founder   Monk Ignatius

Chrysoroyiatissa (Greek:Χρυσορρογιάτισσα) is a monastery dedicated to Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate located about 40 km north-east of Paphos at an altitude of around 2,700 feet. It was founded by a monk called Ignatius (Ιγνάτιος) in the 12th century. It lies 1.5 km from the today village of Panayia, birthplace of the late Archbishop Makarios. The present building dates to 1770.

Celebrations are held yearly on 15 August in honour of the Virgin Mary. In the mid 1980s the old winery of the monastery was reopened and now runs (successfully) on a commercial basis. It produces wines from the Monastery's own vineyards.

External links

  • Paphos Bishopric, with links to the monastery [1]


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