A list of eighteenth century saints:

NameBirthBirthplaceDeathPlace of deathNotes
Joseph Oriol1650 1702 
Blessed Gomidas Keumurgian1656 1707 
Blessed Francis of Montmorency-Laval1623 1708 
Blessed Sebastian Valfre1629 1710 
Blessed Bonaventure of Potenza1651 1711 
Blessed Joseph Vaz1651 1711 
Joseph Mary Tomasi1649 1713 
Blessed Francis de Posadas1644 1713 
Francis de Geronimo1642 1716 
Louis Marie de Montfort1673 1716 
Blessed Liberatus Weiss, Samuel Marzorati, and Michael Fasoli  1716 
Blessed Anthony Baldinucci1665 1717 
Blessed Mary of Turin (Mary of the Angels)1661 1717 
John Baptist de La Salle1651 1719 
Pacifico of San Severino1653 1721 
Veronica Giuliani1660 1727 
Rose Venerini1656 1728 
Thomas of Cori1655 1729 
Lucy Filippini1672 1732 
John Joseph of the Cross1654 1734 
Jeanne Delanoue1666 1736 
Bartholomew Alvarez  1737 
Blessed Emmanuel d'Abreu  1737 
Blessed John Gaspard Cratz (Joanes Kaspar Kratz)  1737 
Blessed Mary Magdalene Martinengo da Barco1687 1737 
Blessed Vincent da Cunha  1737 
Blessed Angelus of Acri1669 1739 
Theophilus of Corte1676 1740 
Blessed Peter Vigne1670 1740 
Blessed Rafal Chylinski1694 1741 
Francis Anthony Fasani1681 1742 
Blessed Crescentia of Kaufbeuren1682 1744 
Blessed Gennaro Maria Sarnelli1702 1744 
Francis Gil de Frederich  1745 
Matthew Alonso Leziniana  1745 
Blessed Peter Sanz  1747 Bishop of Mauricastro
Blessed Francis Serrano  1748 Bishop of Tipasa
Blessed John Alcober  1748 
Crispin of Viterbo1668 1750 
Leonard of Port Maurice1676 1751 
Gerard Majella1726 1755 
John Baptist de Rossi1698 1764 
Pompilius-Mary of Saint Nicholas (Pompilio Pirotti)1710 1766 
Teresa Margaret Redi1747 1770 
Marie-Marguerite d'Youville1701 1771 
Hyacinth Castaneda  1773 
Vincent Liem  1773 
Paul of the Cross1694 1775 
Ignatius of Laconi1701 1781 
Benedict Joseph Labre1748 1783 
Blessed Junipero Serra1713 1784 
Alphonsus Liguori1696 1787 Bishop of St. Agatha
Blessed Felix of Nicosia1715 1787 
Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Jesus1715 1791 
Blessed John du Lau and Companions  1792 
John-Michael Langevin  1793 
Frances de Croissy  1794 
John Baptist Souzy and 63 companions  1794 
Madeleine Brideau  1794 
Madeleine Lidoine  1794 
Marie Claude Brard  1794 
Marie Croissy  1794 
Marie Dufour  1794 
Marie Hanisset  1794 
Marie Meunier  1794 
Marie Trezelle  1794 
Blessed Antoinette Roussel  1794 
Blessed Frances Brideau  1794 
Blessed Francis Meziere1745 1794 
Blessed Georges Edmund Rene1748 1794 
Blessed Jean Bourdon1747 1794 
Blessed Jean-Nicolas Cordier1710 1794 
Blessed Josephine Leroux  1794 
Blessed Juliette Verolot  1794 
Blessed Marie Magdalen Fontaine  1794 
Blessed Marie Rose Deloye and Companions  1794 
Blessed Martyrs of Compiegne  1794 
Blessed Noel Pinot  1794 
Blessed Rose Chretien  1794 
Blessed Teresa Fantou  1794 
Blessed Ursulines of Valenciennes  1794 
Blessed William Repin and 98 companions1793 1794 
Blesseds Carola Lucas, Felicitas Pricet, Victoria Gusteau, and Monica Pichery  1794 
Blesseds Francoise Trehet and Jeanne Veron  1794 
Blesseds Gabrielle Fontaine, Mary Frances Lanel, Therese Fantou, and Jeanne Gerard  1794 
Blesseds Pierre-Michel Noel and Claude Richard  1794 
Blessed Peter Rene Rogue1758 1796 
Emmanuel Trieu  1798 
John Dat1764 1798 

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