A list of fifteenth century saints:

NameBirthBirthplaceDeathPlace of deathNotes
Blessed Andrew Franchi1335 1401 Bishop of Pistoia
Blessed James of Lodi1364 1404 
Blessed James Strepa  1409 
Blessed Ursulina1375 1410 
Daniel of Murano  1411 
Blessed Jeanne Marie de Maille1332 1414 
Vincent Ferrer1350 1419 
Blessed Clare of Pisa1362 1419 
Blessed John Dominici1356 1419 
Lucy the Chaste  1420Spainfollowed St. Vincent Ferrer to Spain
Elizabeth the Good1386 1420 
Blessed Lawrence Nerucci and Companions  1420 
Blessed Gonzalo of Lagos1360 1422 
Paganus  1423 
Blessed Juliana of Norwich  1423 
Blessed Gemma of Sulmona1364 1429 
Blessed Alvarez of Cordoba1350 1430 
Joan of Arc1412 1431 
Blessed Mary Mancini of Pisa1350 1431 
Nuno Álvares Pereira1360Portugal1431Portugal Portuguese general
Lidwina1380 1433 
Blessed Angelina of Marsciano1377 1435 
Blessed Peter of Pisa1355 1435 
Blessed Angelo Augustine of Florence1377 1438 
Blessed Ambrose of Camaldoli1386 1439 
Frances of Rome1384 1440 
Blessed Ferdinand of Portugal1402 1443 
Blessed Nicholas Albergati1375 1443 Bishop of Bologna
Bernardino of Siena1380 1444 
Blessed Felicia of Milan1378 1444 
Blessed Peter of Tiferno1390 1445 
Colette1381 1447 
Blessed Thomas of Florence  1447 
Blessed Andrew Abellon1375 1450 
Blessed Anthony of Amandola1355 1450 
Blessed Matthew of Girgenti Agrigento1450PalermoBishop of Girgenti
Blessed Stephen Bandelli1369 1450 
Blessed Herculanus of Piegaro  1451 
Blessed Philippa de Chantemilian1412 1451 
Blessed Peter Geremia1399 1452 
Blessed Pedro de Cerdena  1453 
Lorenzo Giustiniani  1455 Bishop of Venice
Blessed Jerome Ranuzzi  1455 
Christina of Spoleto1435 1456 
Gabriel of Ancona1385 1456 
John of Capistrano1386 1456 
Peter de Regalado1390 1456 
Rita of Cascia1381 1457 
Blessed Bonne d'Armagnac1434 1457 
Blessed Lawrence of Ripafratta1359 1457 novice master of Peter of Tiferno and Antoninus of Florence
Blessed Bernard of Baden1428 1458 
Blessed Christina Visconti1435 1458 
Blessed Helen of Udine1396 1458 
Antoninus of Florence1389 1459 
Blessed Anthony della Chiesa1395 1459 
Blessed Anthony Neyrot1425 1460 
Blessed Anthony of Stroncone1381 1461 
Blessed Andrew Oexner of Riun  1462 
Catherine of Bologna1413 1463 
Diego of Alcala1400 1463 
Blessed Margaret of SavoyJune 21, 1390FossanoNovember 23, 1464Casale Monferrato
Blessed Magdalene Albrici  1465 
Blessed Bartholomew of Cervere1420 1466 
Blessed Elizabeth Picenardi1428 1468 
Blessed Eustochium of Messina1432 1468 
Blessed Julian Mayali  1470 
Blessed Matthew of Mantua  1470 
Blessed Isaiah of Cracow  1471 
Blessed Thomas a Kempis1380 1471 
Blessed Amadeus IX, Duke of Savoy1435 1472 
Blessed Antonia of Florence1401 1472 
John of Kanty1390 1474 
Simon of Trent  1475 
James of the March1394 1476 
Blessed Catherine of Pallanza1437 1478 
John of Sahagun1430 1479 
Blessed Mark Fantucci1405 1479 
Martyrs of Otranto  1480Otranto 800 men martyred after the Ottoman invasion of Otranto
Blessed Constantius of Fabriano  1481 
Amedeus of Portugal1420 1482 
Blessed Anthony Bonfadini1400 1482 
Blessed Pacificus of Ceredano1424 1482 
Blessed Simon of Lipnicza  1482 
Casimir of Poland1458 1483 
Blessed James Bertoni1444 1483 
Blessed Christopher of Milan  1484 
Blessed Damian of Finario (Damian dei Fulcheri)  1484 
Blessed Helie de Bourdeille1413 1484 
Peter Arbues1441 1485 
Blessed Andrew Gregho of Peschiera1400 1485 
Blessed Frances of Amboise1427 1485 
Blessed Louis Morbioli1433 1485 
Blessed Michael Giedroyc  1485 
Nicholas von Flue1417 March 21, 1487 
Blessed Bartholomew of Foresto  1489 
Beatrice da Silva Meneses1424Campo Maior, Portugal1490Toledo, Spain
Blessed Aloysius Rabata  1490 
Blessed James of Bitetto  1490 
Blessed Jane of Portugal1452 1490 
Blessed Peter of Mongliano1442 1490 
Blessed Giovanna1428 1491 
Blessed James of Ulm (Jakob Griesinger) 1407 1491 
Blessed Balthasar of Chiavari1420 1492 
Blessed Prudenza  1492 
Blessed Augustine of Biella1430 1493 
Blessed Archangela Girlani1460 1494 
Blessed Bernardine of Feltre1439 1494 
Blessed Aimo Taparelli (Haymo)1395 1495 
Blessed Angelo of Chivasso1411 1495 
Blessed Bartholomew Fanti1443 1495 
Blessed Sebastian Maggi1414 1496 
Blessed Thaddeus MacCarthy1455 1497 Bishop of Cork
Blessed Veronica of Binasco1445 1497 
Blessed Mark of Modena  1498 

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