A list of fourteenth century saints:

NameBirthBirthplaceDeathPlace of deathNotes
Blessed James of Bevagna1220 1301 
Gertrude the Great1256 1302 
Blessed Andrew Segni (of Anagni)  1302 
Ivo of Kermartin (Yves, Yvo)1253 1303 
Blessed Benedict XI1240 1304 pope
Blessed John Pelingotto1240 1304 
Blessed Peter Armengol1238 1304 
Blessed Peter of Treja  1304 
Nicholas of Tolentine1245 1305 
Blessed Joachim of Siena1258 1305 
Blessed Santucia  1305 
Blessed Angelo of Borgo San Sepolcro  1306 
Blessed Conrad of Offida1237 1306 
Blessed Jacopone of Todi1230 1306 
Blessed Jane of Orvieto  1306 
Albert of Trapani  1307 
Blessed Jane1244 1307 
Clare of Montefalco1268 1308 
Blessed James of Viterbo  1308 
Blessed Alda (Aldobrandesca)1249 1309 
Blessed Angela of Foligno1248 1309 
Blessed Augustine Novello  1309 
Blessed Beatrice of Ornacieu1260 1309 
Blessed Matthew of Eskandely  1309 
Alexis Falconieri, one of the Seven Founders of the Servites  1310 
Humility (Humilitas)1226 1310 
Mechtilde (Mithilda)  1310 
Blessed Oringa (Christiana)1237 1310 
Blessed Jordan of Pisa1260 1311 
Blessed Christina of Stommeln1242 1312 
Notburga1265 1313 
Blessed Emily Bicchieri1238 1314 
Blessed James Salomoni1231 1314 
Andrew Dotti  1315 
Blessed Bonaventure Buonaccorsi1240 1315 
Blessed Henry of Treviso  1315 
Blessed Raymond Lull (Ramon Llull or Lullus)1232 1316 
Agnes of Montepulciano  1317 
Brynoth  1317 
Blessed Justina of Arezzo1257 1319 
Blessed Matthia of Matelica1252 1319 
Blessed Simon of Rimini1250 1319 
Blessed Bernard of Toulouse  1320 
Blessed Margaret of Castello1287 1320 
Blessed Raynald of Ravenna  1321 
Blessed Thomas of Tolentino1260 1321 
Blessed Francis Veninbeni of Fabriano1251 1322 
Blessed John of La Verna1259 1322 
Peter Cresci  1323 
Blessed Augustine Kazotic1262 1323 
Blessed Angelo of Gualdo1265 1325 
Blessed Angelo of Furcio  1327 
Roch, (Rocco, Roque)1295 1327 
Blessed Francis Arrighetto  1328 
Blessed Frederick of Regensburg  1329 
Blessed Roselina  1329 
Blessed Bartholomew of Montepulciano  1330 
Blessed John Rainuzzi  1330 
Blessed Odoric of Pordenone  1331 
Blessed James Benefatti O.P.  1332 
Blessed Imelda Lambertini1322 1333 
Elizabeth1271 1336 
Blessed Maurice of Hungary1281 1336 
Jorandus  1340 
Blessed Gentilis  1340 
Juliana of Falconieri1270 1341 
Anthony  1342 
Blessed Gregory of Verucchio1225 1343 
Peregrine Laziosi1256 1345 
Blessed Thomas Corsini  1345 
Venturino of Bergamo  1346 
Blessed Clare of Rimini1282 1346 
Flora of Beaulieu1309 1347 
Claritus  1348 
Blessed Bartholomea  1348 
Blessed Bernard Tolomei1272 1348 
Blessed Silvester of Valdiseve  1348 
Blessed Ricard Rolle de Hampole1300 1349 
Bertrand (Bertrichramnus)  1350 Bishop of Aquileia
Francis of Pesaro  1350 
Blessed John of Rieti  1350 
Blessed Margaret Ebner1291 1351 
Blessed Agnes of Bavaria1345 1352 
Conrad Confalonieri of Piacenza1290 1354 
Blessed Michelina of Pesaro1300 1356 
Salaun (Salomon)  1358 
Blessed Gertrude of Delft  1358 
Elzear of Sabran and Blessed Delphine of Sabran1323 1360 
Blessed Vilana of Florence1332 1360 
Blessed Villana of Botti1332 1361 
Blessed Charles of Blois1320 1364 
Blessed Henry Suso1295 1365 
Peter Thomas1305 1366 
Peter Thomas, Latin Patriarch of Constantinople1305 1366 
Blessed Henry Suso  1366 
Sibyllina of Pavia1287 1367 
Blessed Jane Soderini1301 1367 
Blessed John Colombini1300 1367 
Blessed Julia of Certaldo  1367 
Blessed Ugolino of Cortona1320 1367 
Paula  1368 
Anthony of Saxony, Gregory of Tragurio, Nicholas of Hungary, Thomas of Foligno, and Ladislas of Hungary  1369 
Blessed William of Toulouse1297 1369 
Vitalis  1370 
Blessed Urban V1310 1370 pope
Andrew Corsini1302 1373 Bishop of Fiesole
Bridget of Sweden1303 1373 
Blessed Hugolino Magalotti  1373 
Blessed Antonio Pavoni1326 1374 
John of Bridlington1319 1379 
Aventanus  1380 
Catherine of Siena1347 1380 
Blessed Avertanus and Romaeus  1380 
Blessed John of Vallombrosa  1380 
Catherine of Sweden1330 1381 
Blessed John of Ruysbroeck1293 1381 
Panacea of Quarona (Panassia, Panexia)1378 1383 
Blessed Roland of Medicis  1386 
Blessed Peter of Luxembourg1369 1387 Bishop of Metz
Nikola Tavelic of Sibenik and companions  1391 
Blessed Castora Gabriella  1391 
Blessed Guido  1391 
Blessed Nicholas Hermansson1331 1391 Bishop of Linköping
Sergius of Radonezh  1392 
John Nepomucene  1393 
Dorothea of Montau1347 1394 
Margaret the Barefooted1350 1395 
Blessed John of Cetina  1397 
Blessed Marcolino of Forli1317 1397 
Blessed Peter de Duenas1378 1397 
Blessed Anthony of Hungary  1398 
Jadwiga of Poland1374 1399 
Blessed Raymond of Capua  1399 
Blessed Oddino of Fossano1334 1400 

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