A list of thirteenth century saints:

NameBirthBirthplaceDeathPlace of deathNotes
Blessed Fulco of Neuilly  1201 
Ludan (Ludain, Luden) Scotland1202Scherkirchen, France
William of Eskhill1125Paris, France1203Denmark
Isfrid of Ratzeburg  1204Ratzeburg, Schleswig-Holstein
Obitius1150Brescia, Italy1204 
Blessed Jane of Aza  1205 
Blessed William of Fenoli  1205 
Artaldus (Arthaud)1101Sothonod, Savoy, France1206Lochieu, FranceBishop of Belley
Bona of Pisa1156Pisa, Italy1207Pisa, ItalyVirgin
Blessed Diego De Avezedo  1207 Bishop of Osma
Blessed Gerard of Monza  1207 
Julian1127Burgos, Spain1208Cuenca, SpainBishop of Cuenca
Blessed Peter of Castelnau  1208 
William of Bourges1149Nevers, France1209Bourges, FranceArchbishop of Bourges
Blessed Adam of Loccum  1210 
Blessed Alpais  1211 
Felix of Valois1127Valois, France1212Brumetz, Picardy, France
Blessed Charles de Sayn  1212 
John of Matha1154Faucon, France1213Rome, Italy
Blessed Mary of Oignies1180 1213 
Albert1150Parma, Italy1215 Patriarch of Jerusalem
Blessed Hroznata1160 1217 
Franca Visalta1170Piacenza, Italy1218Pittoli, Italy
Blessed Robert of Knaresborough1160 1218 
Aldebrandus (Hildebrand)1119Sorrivoli, Italy1219Fossombrone, ItalyBishop of Fossombrone
Berard and Companions Carbio, Umbria, Italy1220Morocco
Blessed Reginald1183 1220 
Blessed Walter of Bierbeeke  1220 
Abraham of Smolensk Smolensk, Russia1221Smolensk, Russia
Daniel and Companions  1221Ceuta, Morocco
Dominic, priest, founder of the Dominican Order of Preachers1170Calaruega, Castile-Leon, Spain1221Bologna, Italy
Adolph  1222 
Vincent Kadlubek (Vincent of Cracow)1161Karwów, Poland1223Jedrzejow, PolandBishop of Cracow
Adolf1185Westphalia, Germany1224Osnabrück, GermanyBishop of Osnabruck
Gualterius1184 1224 
Angelo of Jerusalem1185Jerusalem, Israel1225Licata, Sicily
Engelbert1185Burg an der Wupper, Germany1225Gevelsberg, GermanyArchbishop of Cologne
Raynald1150Postignano, Nocera, Italy1225Nocera, ItalyBishop of Nocera
Blessed Margaret of Louvain1207 1225 
Francis of Assisi, founder of Franciscan Orders and Poor Clares1181Assisi, Umbria, Italy1226Portiuncula, Italy
Ita  1226 
Blessed Beatrice of Este1206 1226 aunt of St Beatrix d'Este
Blessed Louis of Thuringia1200 1227 
Blessed Yvette (Juta)1158 1228 
Fulk of Pavia (Fulco)1164Piacenza, Italy1229 Bishop of Pavia
Sancha of Portugal1182 1229Celas, Portugal
Hugh of Genoa1168 1230 
Blessed Bertrand of Garrigues  1230 
Anthony of Padua1195Lisbon, Portugal1231Padua, Italy
Brocard (Burchard) France1231 
Elizabeth of Hungary1207Pressburg, Kingdom of Hungary1231Hesse, Germany
John of Perugia and Peter of Sassoferrato  1231Valencia, Spain
Blessed Benvenuto of Gubbio  1232 
Blessed Pellegrino  1232 
William Pinchon1175Saint-Alban, France1234 Bishop of Saint-Brieuc
Conon1139Naso, Sicily, Italy1236Naso, Sicily, Italy
Blessed Agnello of Pisa1194 1236 
Blessed Philippa Mareri1200 1236 
Blessed Diana degli Andalò1201 1236 
Blessed Rizzerio (Rinieri)  1236 
Sava1174 1237Tarnovgrad, BulgariaBishop of the Serbs
Villanus Gubbio, Italy1237 Bishop of Gubbio
Blessed Jordan of Saxony  1237 
Blessed Rainerius Inclusus  1237 
Blessed Roger of Todi  1237 
Blessed William of Brussels  1237 
Albert of Genoa (Lambert) Genoa, Italy1239 
Paul, religious and martyr, and Ninety Companions Hungary1240Wallachia, Hungary
Raymond Nonnatus1204La Portella, Kingdom of Aragon1240Cardona, Kingdom of Aragon
Blessed Ambrose de Massa  1240 
Blessed Peregrine of Falerone  1240 
Blessed Serapion  1240 
Blessed Herman Joseph1150 1241 
Edmund Rich1180Abingdon, England1242Soisy-Bouy, FranceArchbishop of Canterbury
Peter Rodriguez and 6 Companions Spain1242 
Verdiana1182Castelfiorentino, Italy1242Castelfiorentino, ItalyVirgin
Blessed Ceslaus of Poland1180 1242 
Blessed Helen of Arcella1208 1242 
Blessed John of Salerno1190 1242 
Blessed William Arnaud and companions  1242 
Bernard Calvo1180Monso Calvo, Spain1243Vic, SpainBishop of Vich
Hedwig1174Andechs, Bavaria1243Trzebnica, Poland
Blessed Lawrence Loricatus  1243 
Blessed Guala of Bergamo1180 1244 
Blessed Isnard of Chiampo (Isnardo)1200 1244 
Blessed Gerard of Villamagna1200 1245 
Blessed Guy (Guido) Vignotelli (Guido of Cortona)1185 1245 
Lutgarde1182Tongeren, Belgium1246Awirs, Belgium
Peter Gonzalez (Thelmo)1190Astorga, Spain1246Tui, Spain
Theobald of Marly Marly-la-Ville, France1247Vaux-de-Cernay, France
Thibaut  1247 
Blessed John Buoni1168 1249 
Aleydis of Schaerbeek (Alice, Adelaide)1204Schaerbeek, Belgium1250 Virgin
Amata (Amy) Assisi, Italy1250 
Dominic del Val Saragossa, Aragon, Spain1250Saragossa, Aragon, Spain
Ludolph (Ludolf)  1250 Bishop of Ratzeburg
Teresa of Portugal1181Coimbra, Portugal1250Lorvão, Portugal
Walter  1250 
Blessed Alrad  1250 
Blessed Peter of Gubbio  1250 
Blesseds Evangelist and Peregrine  1250 
Gerold of Cologne1201Cologne, Germany1251Cremona, Italy
Rose of Viterbo1234Viterbo, Italy1251Viterbo, ItalyVirgin
Ferdinand III of Castile1198Zamora, Spain1252Sevilla, Spain
Mafalda (Matilda)1204 1252Amarante, Portugal
Peter of Verona (Peter Martyr)1205Verona, Italy1252near Milan, Italy
Zdislava Berka1220Křižanov, Czech Republic1252Lemberk Castle, Czech Republic
Agnes of Assisi1198Assisi, Italy1253Assisi, Italy
Clare of Assisi1194Assisi, Italy1253Assisi, ItalyVirgin
Fina (Serafina, Seraphina)1238San Gimignano, Italy1253San Gimignano, ItalyVirgin
Richard Wyche1197Droitwich, England1253Dover, EnglandBishop of Chichester
Rodobald  1254 Bishop of Pavia
Blessed Andrew of Spello  1254 
Blessed Arnaldo Canati  1255 
Blessed Godfrey II (Geoffroy de Loudun)  1255 bishop of Le Mans
Peter Nolasco1189Mas-des-Saintes-Puelles, France1256Valencia, Spain
Blessed Berengarius de Peralta  1256 
Hyacinth of Poland1187Kamień Śląski, Poland1257Kraków, Poland
Blessed Thomas of Biville1187 1257 
Juliana of Mount Cornillon1193 1258 
Blessed Gualterius of Guimaraes  1258 
Blessed Liberatus of Lauro  1258 
Blessed Bronislava  1259 
Blessed Gonzalvo of Amaranthe1187 1259 
Boniface1183Brussels, Belgium1260La Cambre Abbey, Brussels, BelgiumBishop of Lausanne
Jutta (Judith)1200Sangerhausen, Germany1260Chełmża, Poland
Blessed Luchesio  1260 
Blessed Sadoc O.P., and companions  1260 
Blessed Philip Berruyer  1261 
Blessed Romeo de Levia  1261 
Blessed Beatrix d'Este Apulia1262 niece of Blessed Beatrice d'Este
Blessed Giles of Assisi  1262 
Blessed Eva of Liege  1263 
Blessed Amatus Ronconi1200 1264 
Blessed John of Thorn (John Lobedau)  1264 
Simon Stock1165Aylesford, England1265Bordeaux, France
Blessed Eva of Saint Martin  1265 
Blessed Nicholas Puglia1197 1265 
Parisio1160 1267Treviso, Italy
Silvester Gizzolino1177Osima, Italy1267 
Blessed Antony Manzi the Pilgrim  1267 
Blessed Salomea1201 1268 
Almus (Alme, Alanus) Scotland1270Scotland
Louis IX1226Poissy, France1270Tunis, Tunisia
Margaret of Hungary1242Klis, Croatia1270Margaret Island, Hungary
Blessed Amata  1270 
Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza  1270 
Blessed Boniface of Savoy  1270 Archbishop of Canterbury
Blessed Imana de Loss  1270 
Blessed Isabelle of Valois1225 1270 
Blessed Nicholas Fortiguera  1270 Bishop of Ajaccio
Fazzio1190Verona, Italy1272 
Blessed Christopher de Romaniola1172 1272 
Bonaventure1221Bagnoregio, Italy1274Lyon, FranceBishop of Albano
Thomas Aquinas1225Roccasecca, Italy1274Fossanuova Abbey, Italy
Raymond of Peñafort1175Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain1275Barcelona, Spain
Blessed John of Barastre  1275 
Sperandea1216Gubbio, Italy1276 
Blessed Gregory X1210 1276 pope
Blessed Innocent V1225 1276 pope
Blessed Humbert1200 1277 
Blessed Peter de la Cadireta  1277 
Zita1218Monsagrati near Lucca, Italy1278Lucca, Italy
Blessed Albert of Bergamo  1279 
Albert the Great1206Lauingen, Germany1280Cologne, GermanyBishop of Ratisbon
Blessed Novellone  1280 
Mary of Succor1231 1281 
Agnes of Bohemia1205Prague, Czech Republic1282Prague, Czech Republic
Benvenuto Scotivoli (Benvenutus) Ancona, Italy1282 Bishop of Osimo
Hugh dei Lippi Uggucioni  1282 
Ingrid of Sweden  1282 
Thomas of Hereford1218 1282 
Blessed Torello  1282 
Blessed John of Vercelli  1283 
Blessed Margaret Colonna  1284 
Philip Benizi1233 1285 
Thorfinn  1285 
Blessed Luke Belludi1200 1285 
Monaldus of Ancona (Monaldo)  1286 
Blessed Ambrose of Siena1220 1286 
Blessed Peter Tecelano  1287 
Blessed Benvenuto of Recanati  1289 
Blessed Conrad of Ascoli  1289 
Blessed John of Parma1209 1289 
Blessed Peter of Siena  1289 
Mary of Cerevellon  1290 
Cecilia  1290 
Blessed Franco of Grotti1211 1291 
Kinga1234 1292 
Kundegunda (Kinga)1224 1292 
Blessed Benvenuta of Cividale1254 1292 
Blessed Franco Lippi  1292 
Berencardus  1293 
Albertinus  1294 
Contardo "the Pilgrim"  1294 
Limbania  1294 
Thomas of Dover (Thomas Hales)  1295 
Celestine V1215 1296 
Louis of Toulouse (Louis of Anjou)1274 1297 Bishop of Toulouse
Margaret of Cortona1247 1297 
Mechtildis of Helfta1241 1298 
Blessed Gerard of Lunel (Gerius)]1275 1298 
Blessed Jacobus of Voragine, O.P.1228 1298 
Blessed Yolande1235 1299 
Bartholomew Buonpedoni  1300 
Peter Pascual1227 1300 Bishop of Jaen
Radegund  1300 
Blessed Bartolo1228 1300 
Blessed Bonizella  1300 
Blessed Ida of Louvain  1300 

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